Sunday, November 22, 2009


Bought For Marriage

Margaret Mayo

Harlequin Presents
Extra #64
July 2009

Dione Keristari's father is a real piece of work. He is a bully who stole her away from her mother and controlled her life. He has run his business into the ground and now he is in the hospital with heart problems (who knew he had a heart?) and is insisting Dione approach a business enemy for the money he needs to save his business.

Theo Tsardikos cannot stand Bully Keristari, but he is turned on by the three minutes he spends in Dione's company. He tells her, you marry me and you can have the money for your father.

She agrees but says it will be on her terms. She is not that young. She is an educated woman. Nobody could force her to marry for this money. Her father was not deserving of this kind of sacrifice. This works for "good fathers" or when the heroines are young and extremely innocent. It did not work as a plot devise for this character.

Lady Mischief did not like any character in this book. She is wishing she had spent the money on Ben & Jerry instead.

Yours forever between the covers of a book,
Lady Mischief

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