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THE NEIGHBOR by Lisa Gardner

The Neighbor

Lisa Gardner

Hardcover Release June 23, 2009

Like a case ripped out of the headlines, a young wife and mother disappears. As is usual in such cases the husband is the prime suspect.

There all similarities to cases ripped out of the headlines ends.

Detective Sergeant D. D. Warren, the dedicated and gorgeous friend of Bobby Dodge, is the public face of the Boston Police on this case. A case where nothing is what it seems.

Jason Jones, the prime suspect, isn't very forthcoming with information. He is keeping his four-year-old daughter away from the police.

What is Jason Jones hiding? What is the true story of the missing bride? Did she run off? Was she kidnapped? Was she dead somewhere?
Is the child is danger?

D. D. has to find the answers before anything happens to the child.

Although there are characters we have met in previous books it is not necessary to have read the books. This book is an entity unto itself. In addition there are new characters. All the characters are fresh, they come alive as you read them.

Some will haunt you. But that is the beauty of Lisa Gardner. She always has characters that haunt.

The Neighbor is an emotional and mental ride. Gardner's last few books had a lot of gore and scenes that gave me nightmares for weeks, there are none of those scenes in this book. The scenes in this book draw graphic pictures, but not the type that make you afraid to walk past that certain house at night.

This is 369 pages of thrills.

In the interest of full disclosure Lady Mischief must admit to being a BIG Lisa Gardner fan. Ms. Gardner is one of the few author's Lady Mischief buys in hardcover.

The only problem with Lisa Gardner is that she only comes out with one book a year. Then again, for the sake of the purse it may be a good thing.

This book rates:

Five (5)

Yours forever between the covers of a book,

Lady Mischief

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Vampire's Quest by Vivi Anna


(The Valorian Chronicles)

Vivi Anna
Harlequin Nocturne
April 2009

Vampire criminologist Kellen Falcon has left his job and traveled to Europe with the hope of meeting a doctor who can cure the strange disease that is killing him.

Before he can meet with the doctor a bomb blows the doctor to bits.

Sophie St. Clair is a beautiful werewolf working on tracking down evidence of the bomber. Kellen insists on working with her since it is his specialty. Not to mention he is hot for her.

This book is part of an ongoing series. Lady Mischief has not yet read any other books in the series, but this book stood very nicely on its own. Lady Mischief does plan to dig through the piles in the book room and find the other books. Vivi Anna's world is too enticing not to visit again.

This book is the perfect balance between emotions, suspense, and sensuality.

This book rates a solid:

Yours forever between the covers of a book,
Lady Mischief

Sunday, June 21, 2009

IF HE'S WICKED by Hannah Howell

If He's Wicked
Hannah Howell
Zebra Historical Romance
June 2009

Chloe Wherlocke has a family tree full of people with special talents. Chloe was no different. Her talent was "psychic visions".

Her visions foretold the death of her beloved sister and nephew. They also foretold a plot against Lord Julian Kenwood and his soon-to-be-born heir.

The visions didn't allow her to save her sister or her sister's baby, but they did show her the way to save the heir.

Lord Julian knew someone was out to kill him and he was certain it was his beautiful but vicious wife and her equally detestable lover.

One night as Julian is being attacked he is rescued by three strangers. One of those strangers is Chloe who has news that will change his life forever.

The characters in this book are captivating and the taste we are given of the secondary characters leaves the reader hungry to make a whole meal out of each and every Wherlocke and Vaughn cousin.

From page one until the end there are no slow draggy parts. This book is pure pleausre to read.

For many years Ms. Howell has specialized in Highland Romances. If He's Wicked is the first of three in a new series that go nowhere near the Scottish Highlands. If the first book is anything to go by it may be many years before she will be going back to the highlands, so stock up on her highland books now.

Grab your favorite chocolate, pour your beverage, and settle down to the best read of the season.

This book rates a very strong:
Five (5)

Yours forever between the covers of a book,
Lady Mischief

Friday, June 19, 2009


Virgin Mistress,
Scandalous Love-Child
Jennie Lucas
Harlequin Presents #2831
June 2009

Ellie Jensen had to go to Rio during Carnaval with her handsome Brazilian boss. There he seduced his virgin junior secretary, but only for that one night. For three months after that he watched as she tried not to show her broken heart too openly.

Until the morning she pushed her way past Diogo Serrado's guard dog secretary and announced she was quitting immediately and leaving to get married.

Oh, and by the way, she was pregnant, but since he promised he couldn't get her pregnant it was his, right?

Five hours later Diogo crashes into the church and steals her away from her wedding and off they go to Rio.

Then there is Catia. Diogo's five year old daughter. The girl had just lost her dancer/hooker mother months before. She grew up in Rio. Hated and feared Diogo. (Who didn't know she existed until after the mother had died.) But in spite of all this the child spoke perfect English to Ellie and even understood the word sibling. If you do not have access to a five year old in your home try talking to a kid at the Burger King Playground and ask them how many siblings they have. I mean really! For that matter, ask one of the kids behind the counter, I'll bet the answer will still be the same.

Once Ellie mentioned siblings to Catia she stopped in the middle of a "shrieking" tamtrum and said "babies?", immediately became all smiles and couldn't wait to start a new life with her daddy.

When someone was suppose to be thinking I was never sure who it was. The voice of the hero and heroine in thought sounded the same, particularly when not only were there paragraphs that started out with her thoughts, then became his. There were sentences that started as hers, became his, and returned to hers without any warning. You only found out when something was clarified. I was getting motion sickness just trying to follow them.

This story had wonderful potential, if only it had more depth than the cover.

This book sadly rates:

Yours forever between the covers of a book,

Lady Mischief

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Overnight Sensation by Karen Foley


by Karen Foley
(Tropical Heat!)
Harlequin Blaze # 422
September 2008

As a B-list movie actress Ivy James had fallen in love with three of her past leading men and had carried on front page tabloid romances with them. Now she has just been offered her big break. The role of a life time, with an award winning director, and the sexiest man in the world as a leading man. She is determined to concentrate on making the most of this glorious career opportunity. Then she meets her costar and finds she doesn't like him and cannot do the sex scenes with him. So she turns to Garrett Stokes.

Garrett Stokes is the war hero the movie is based on. He has been secretly in love with Ivy, even though she didn't know he existed, for years. He is responsible for her big break. He is also on location as a consultant.

Garrett has no problem consulting with Ivy. They rehearse the scenes thoroughly.

This is a wonderful story. The author pays attention to the small stuff that glues the story together. The things that make a story memorable. It goes down as easily as a creamsicle on a hot summer day.

This story rates:

Yours forever between the covers of a book,

Lady Mischief

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Vampire's Bride by Gena Showalter

The Vampire's Bride

by Gena Showalter
Publisher: Harlequin
Release: March 2009
Contemporary Paranormal Romance

Layel, the King of the Vampires, has been a tortured soul with a heavy revenge-on for the Dragons which has lasted for centuries.

Delileh is a feisty Amazon. Unlike her sisters who kidnap men and hold them as sex slaves in order to procreate, Delileh wants True Love.

They are both battling the Dragons when suddenly they are pulled away to another place. Without their friends and without their weapons.

What could have happened?

The Greek Gods, after thousands of years of neglect, have finally remembered the creatures they left on Atlantis. They had had their fun toying with the humans, but now The Gods are bored and each one wants exclusive rights to these new toys. But what God or Goddess will be the lucky one? Who is to decide?

They decide to hold a contest! A way to decide and be amused. What more could a God ask for?

They take two of each creature living on Atlantis (vampire, amazon, dragon, etc.) and place them on an island where they must compete Survivor style. The last creature still living will be the one whose God will win.

Or will they?

There are strong secondary characters and subplots. They are strong, but never overshadow the Hero, Heroine, or the love story.

Uh-huh! I'm not telling. You have to read it to find out. This is a great book to take to the beach or the lake.

Good book. Fun read. Some really deep issues are alluded to that are sure to crop up in future books.

This book rates a solid:

Yours forever between the covers of a book,

Lady Mischief

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Fury Calls by Caridad Pineiro

Fury Calls

The Calling
by Caridad Pineiro

Silhouette Nocturne

March 2009
Contemporary Paranormal Romance

Blake Richards led a hard life as a poor Welsh coal miner. Existence as a vampire wasn't much easier and it was a lot lonelier.

Former all American College Girl, Meghan Thomas really hated Blake for what he had done to her. First he turned her on and then he turned her.

Blake couldn't stay away from her. Her warmth drew him. She was the answer to his soul's question and she may not want to admit it, but she needed him as much as he needed her.

These are two of the most likable characters to have appeared in a Nocturne, yet. But, they have to travel through hell before they can even think about sharing time together.

Lady Mischief is going to issue a warning here. I try very hard not to throw any spoilers into my reviews, but sometimes there are things that readers need to be prepared for. If it is something they will not be comfortable with they must be made aware, then they will be able to make an informed decision. They can either skip over the offensive part or just not read the book at all. Otherwise it could cause a perfectly good book to become a wallbanger and an excellent author to be placed on the do-not-read list.

Anyway, that's my rationalization for revealing this "oh, oh". There are a few scenes where Blake is remembering his childhood and how he had to go to the nasty old wealthy man's house and do vile things with him in order to obtain money for food for his family. That is until he was old enough to go down in the mines and do a man's work even though he was still a child. This is horrible, but real. Children have been forced to endure treatment like this throughout the history of the world, and unfortunately they still are. It's not pretty and not what we are use to finding in a romance book, but since Sherrilyn Kenyon tortured the young "Acheron" it is appearing in more books.

The second "oh, oh" is about male-on-male rape. I know this has become a rather popular plot devise used in books such as Angela Knight's "Jane's Warlord". But in "Jane's Warlord" we are told that it happened and we do not have to live through the experience. The way it is used in "Fury Calls" makes it a crucial part of the story, not just added for prurient interest or for shock value, neither is it done to a main character. But it is done and we get to read all about it. More than once.

In a Silhouette book.

I buy all the Nocturnes (all two of them) when they are on my local store shelves every month. I don't bother to see who the author is or what the book is about until I get home. I like Nocturnes and I want to make sure they do not go the way of the Dodo, Silhouette Shadows, or Silhouette Bombshells. I would have bought this book even if I had read the back of it. The story is wonderful and part of a series with continuing characters.

Caridad Pineiro is a delightful writer. She wrote a story with bold material. She pushed the envelope that Harlequin/Silhouette usually doesn't want to soil it's lily white gloves on. She created a book which the reader will not soon forget.

In spite of any potential controversy over the man-on-man action there are two very vulnerable, very likable characters that have a need to either find a way to be together or to vacate one another's life. Permanently.

This is an emotionally appealing story and rates:

Four (4) ice treats,

Yours forever between the covers of a book,

Lady Mischief

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Love Cuffs by Ashlyn Chase & Dalton Diaz


by Ashlyn Chase & Dalton Diaz
Published by Ellora's Cave

(Print version available since February 1, 2009)

Lady Mischief is going to show a great deal of tact and never before seen grace in the terms she will use in describing this book. I will preface my remarks by saying that I have sworn to keep things relatively tame on this site and so reviewing what can only be termed risque material from Ellora's Cave is going to be a wonderful challenge to my abilities.

Hope Daniels is a thirty-eight year old New Jersey cop. She is in her bouffant wedding cake dress walking down the aisle when her enhanced super hearing alerts her to a woman's pained screams. Hope wants out of the wedding and convinces herself she must follow her duty. Without another thought she tosses her bouquet at her maid-of-honor, lifts her skirts and runs out of the temple and down the block, following the direction of the screams.

Her best friend yelling, "You go girl. Turn, fly, be free!" rang in her ears as she pictured her mother passing out.

She follows the screams to an old factory near the police station and bangs on the door for admittance. She is confronted by a man in an outfit (which I cannot describe here, but you really must read the description in the book) and proclaims herself a police officer. Next thing you know she is stripped of her gown and hand cuffed to the rooms accessories. A gorgeous hunk welcomes her to his "BDSM" club.

Dorian Markoff is the hunky owner of the club. He is bored with beating other people's butts and is intrigued by a "vanilla" woman. Can he be the hero of a "vanilla" woman's dreams? Does he want to be?

You do not have to be into Bondage, Dominance, Sadism, or Masochism, to enjoy this book. This is a COMEDY!!! Everything in it is played for a laugh.

There are madcap scenes that can put Doris Day and Rock Hudson to shame. Then there are love scenes which Doris Day and Rock Hudson would never have been allowed to do.

Each chapter is told in two halves. The first half is told by Hope. The second half (which is called Chapter ___ and a Half) is told by Dorian.

This book has everything a romance should have. Love scenes so hot they can peel the paper off the walls. Humor so funny you can end up with bruises from falling off your chair while you are laughing. A strong hero you want to bed yourself and a heroine you would like to be so that you could be going to bed with the hero. A satisfying ending. All the subplots are neatly tied up, but you are so entranced with the people you are left with a taste for more.

My only problem with the book is in the Prologue. Hope is deserted on a camping trip and left to fend off a large wolf. She thinks some of his saliva got on her fingers and that is what caused her super-hearing. But we never learn why a wolf's saliva would be able to do that? Is this an ordinary wolf? It's never explained. In the scope of the whole book this is a very minor thing, but I just had to mention it.

This book is funny. Hot. Entertaining. The sex scenes are vibrant.

Love Cuffs has earned a rating of:


This is Dalton Diaz's first book. I have heard she has a new release with a different writing partner. I hope to get the book soon, but my poor book budget is stretched pretty thin right now. If and when I get the book I will review it right here and let you know how it measures up to her virgin run.

If you are over 18 and would like to learn more about Dalton Diaz's books please go to

Ashlyn Chase has had several e-books published by Ellora's Cave as well as other companies. She also has several books through Ellora's Cave in Print. If you are over 18 you may go to Ashlyn Chase's website for more information.

Yours forever between the covers of a book,

Lady Mischief

Monday, June 1, 2009

Dark of Night (Troubleshooters)

Dark of Night
A Troubleshooters Novel
by Suzanne Brockmann

Paperbook release June 23, 2009
Ballantine Books

Also Available in:

The phenomena of Suzanne Brockmann's Troubleshooters novels continue with Book 14 Dark of Night. If you haven't read a Troubleshooter's book, you can pick one up and start reading. Although there is a continuing story arc and continuing characters in each book, each book centers on different characters. It can and does stand alone. Although, I must warn you, after you read one Troubleshooters book it just is not enough, you will rush right out to find more.

Now, with that in mind let's talk about Dark of Night.

Sophia and Dave began as minor characters in previous Troubleshooters novels. I really didn't care for them. They were bland. Milktoasty. They didn't present as the strong characters you'd expect Brockmann to provide. Certainly not Hero/Heroine material. Where was the Alpha Seal we so look forward to?

Tess and Nash were also in other books. Nash "died" in the last book. They are more interesting and you have been left to wonder what secret Nash has been hiding. Is this the book where we find out? I may be full of Mischief, but I'm not a spoiler. I'm not going to tell.

Decker, the dark, the deadly, the silent, and the mysterious. Does he love harbor an unrequited love for Sophia or is it the newly widowed Tess he really wants? And what about this electrical connection he feels when he suddenly finds himself face-to-face with the too-hot-for-words Tracy.

Tracy the woman who couldn't even make coffee when she first started working in the office catches Decker doing what he shouldn't be doing. Decker coudn't believe an airhead like her was putting the truth together. He had to put her out of commission for awhile. And maybe he could sink his battleship into her at the same time.

From the time Tracy first appeared on the page she has been a scene stealer. Sometimes even more interesting then the main characters. Now is her time and she does more then carry the book. If the book were a movie you would be hard up to remember who else was in it. From the time the reader and the other Troubleshooters were first introduced to Tracy's large green shower friend you know she was a woman with a lot of ballast to add.

Ms. Brockmann is a genius at taking characters that hover in the background and turning them into people we care about.

Alyssa and Sam Starrett appear in supporting roles. The scenes when Sam is giving Jimmy Nash marriage advise and instructions on how to change young Starrett's diapers are priceless.

It wouldn't be a Troubleshooter's novel without the yummy Jules Cassidy and his movie star husband. Jules is always the heart of the book.

Tracy and Decker are so engaging I could have read another 1,000 pages of just the two of them, but when you add the other supporting cast members I would have been happy with at least another 2-3,000 pages.

Suzanne Brockmann is a top notch writer that goes beyond genre. Her new book is due out on June 1, 2009 in hardcover and I am drooling at the thought of it. As soon as I get it I will let y'all know if it lives up to the Brockmann heretage.

As with all Troubleshooter novels, there is a complex story, complicated characters, and a story arc that covers many books into the future. I am rating this book on three sub-categories and then the over-all rating.

The suspense in this book rates a .

The romance portion of the book rates .

The Sensuality levels between Tracy and Decker are off the scales, but Lady Mischief has hindered herself by putting a five ice treat limit on her rating system. But then again, if you average in the other characters the limit will still hold. Courtesy of Tracy and Decker the rating is .

The over-all rating for this book is .

If you love action heroes, breathless romance, mind blowing sex, and things blowing up this is the book for you.

This book is a gender buster.

For more information about Suzanne Brockmann's books go to her website at

Yours forever between the covers of a book,

Lady Mischief

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